Rural London; South Side

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The Wandle at Watermeads



Exploring the off the beaten tracks green spaces of South London following my previous Rural London; North Side. travels is the name of this game. Whilst still wandering about North of the Thames looking for sneaky greenery I feel it is time to begin writing about the mysteries of the South.

In a way South of the River Thames, has despite being a 'North Sider' been just as influentual to me by way of Richmond Park a vast area of country side a few miles from my home and much visited during my childhood and beyond. My Mum and Dad used to take me to Richmond park as a nipper and I would later often visit with my Mum, after my Dad died, usually with my own sprogs. My Mum Edith loved the park particularly the Isabella Plantation, a fenced off area within the otherwise moor like park which is basically a landscaped garden, particularly attractive during Spring when its mass of Azaleas and Rhodadendruns burst into a blaze of colour.

There are many more green spaces scattered around South London some which I know, some which I will discover and many more which I guess I will never see? Out of the need to do something other than go to work, watch Chelsea, listen to loud music, worry about bills etc I shall endevour to be creative and get out into the wilds of Sarf Laandern and see what I can see.

Watch this space............

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